Why does my skin get dirty during the day?


You leave your house at 8 in the morning with a long schedule, rushing from one place to another: from work to the doctor, parent-teacher meeting, gym and dinner with friends. Throughout the day, our skin gets dirty from the city's smog, accumulated sweat, and becomes oily from contact with our hands. By the end of the day, you're exhausted and just want to crawl into bed and skip washing your face, especially since you didn't wear makeup today.

When do I need to clean my skin?

Many women believe that cleaning is directly related to the use of makeup and that if they haven’t used it, it is not necessary. This is completely false: skin cleansing is essential for your skin to look nice and to be healthy even in those days you went out without makeup.

Before applying your moisturizing cream in the morning or your nourishing cream in the night, cleansing your face correctly is an essential step to remove the dirt that might have built up on your skin and shed dead cells.

When the skin is not cleansed, it starts to look dull, loses its shine and looks tired.

By cleansing your skin it gets oxygenated, and by removing dead cells we promote cell regeneration. For this, it is very important to choose the correct products according to your biotype.

Why does my skin look dull when I don’t clean it?

Dirt deposited on the skin, sweat and makeup residue may obstruct our pores, preventing skin from oxygenating. This may produce from blackheads to early skin aging.

Clean skin absorbs the nutrients from creams and skincare treatment more easily and moisturizes more effectively. All this visibly improves overall skin appearance, maintaining our face fresh and youthful for much longer time.

Cleaning your face is a very simple step in our beauty routine with remarkable results in the short-term. Try this tip and see the difference.